The church board met this evening and decided that it was in the best interest of all to suspend all in-person church activities until at least April 13th.

We will be using this period as an opportunity to launch an online campus for Willamina Free Methodist Church, not only livestreaming our Sunday worship, but also creating discipling, prayer, and social spaces online.  More will be announced at 7pm on Wednesday March 18, 2020, on our Facebook page @willaminafmc.





After this mornings worship service, the church board met today to discuss how WFMC would keep moving forwards in addressing the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We are passionate that our stance in these coming days will be one of loving God and loving others: we wish to move beyond hysteria and cynicism, into a posture which preserves both the worshipping life of the church, and the lives of those vulnerable in our care. 

Of particular concern to us is that this issue is approached in a way displays grace and destroys shame, for this is the way of the cross of Christ.  We are acutely aware that some may feel guilt and shame for choosing to stay away on a Sunday while our doors are open, and wish to remind them that we support their decision to act in love during this time, and are actively encouraging the elderly, medically vulnerable, and ill to stay at home.  You are loved.

We are also aware that there are people shaming those who are choosing to gather, even where legal, whether in churches, other places or worship, or other social settings, even where all current laws and guidance is being followed.  Whilst we understand the concerns of such people in the face of this crisis, as a people of grace we reject a culture which shames groups who have chosen to do differently.  We are particularly concerned when this results in or from xenophobic, racist, or bigoted language and postures.

With that said, the board of WFMC has decided:

  • Sunday mornings will continue as usual as long as it is legal for us to do so, whilst implementing all the protocols already put in place in the update of March 13 (see below), and the suggestions of any further guidance received form official sources.  This includes: encouraging the elderly, vulnerable and ill to stay home, for attendees to spreading out across the sanctuary seating to ensure social distancing, regular disinfection of the church, rigorous hand washing, using a bucket at the back of the sanctuary for offering rather than passing the plate, avoiding shaking hands/hugs, having no greeting time during the worship service, and having a single person distribute coffee and cookies instead of self-service.


  • Celebrate Recovery will have worship at 6pm on Fridays, followed by small groups, but no meal provided beforehand.  CR will follow all the same protocols as Sunday mornings, such as ensuring suitable social distancing and disinfection


  • All other groups and events happening in the month of March are cancelled.


  • To release over $2000 to upgrade and provide the church with the capacity to start high quality live streaming of our worship services from March 22, 2020 onward.

-Pastor Sam




WFMC will be staying open as usual this Sunday, March 15, but we’re taking some practical actions.

Why? Love.

It is tempting to act out of fear in situations such as these, but we are a people of love who care for one another.  In the midst of a crisis like this love can be as simple as being willing to put our snide comments and arrogance toward the hysteria aside to recognize that there is quite likely a pathogen in our midst that has the potential to harm those we love, especially the vulnerable among us who sit beside us in the pews as brothers and sisters in Christ every Sunday.

With that in mind we will be implementing the following changes this Sunday, March 15, until further notice:


It’s ok to not shake hands or hug. Fist bumps work, and so does a friendly “hello.”

We’ll be skipping our usual greeting time in service for now.


We are encouraging everyone to spread out in the sanctuary and leave an empty seat between you and your neighbor.

We will have our rows spaced out more than usual to help increase social spacing.


There will be two offering boxes available inside the sanctuary near the doors.

Consider giving online at https://willaminafmc.churchcenter.com/giving.

We’ll give our offering plates a brake.

-Food and Drink-

We are being proactive with food and coffee service.

You may notice several changes like volunteers pouring coffee for you.

Communion was not planned for March 15, and the church board will discuss the best way to do communion moving forwards, if at all.

-Take a Sick Day-

Your presence here matters.

But take a Sunday off if you are not feeling well or have vulnerable health.

We will make sermon recordings available to all who want them, and are preparing to set up live streams of our services during this crisis.


Covid-19 is a fast-moving situation with information changing almost daily. 

We will communicate through our Facebook page and website, if conditions change, we’ll change our plans.


-Pastor Sam


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