Our Vision for the Future

Our Vision

We exist to declare the love of Jesus and transform lives. Like branches of a tree stretching out to bloom, we will reach out into every neighborhood in our valley so that they can experience the transforming power of God’s people on mission.  Everywhere you turn in our region you will see followers of Jesus fulfilling their purpose in loving God, loving people and making disciples.  As a local church we call forth and grow disciples for this purpose, igniting a passion in the hearts of leaders and influencers to bear fruit for the gospel cause.

No more are the days of a valley littered with broken people and broken families. No more are the days of young lives being sold short, of people struggling to find meaning and purpose, of lives held captive by addiction, poverty, and conflict. No more are the days of the church drifting aimlessly as it slowly loses its significance with each passing generation.  Instead, we will work with the Holy Spirit as it flows through our region like a mighty river, bringing freedom, life, and transformation.

This is our church’s moment in time, only we have the answer to the deepest problems that invade our towns; and we will declare that answer in all we do: that Jesus is raising the dead to life, his Spirit transforming hearts and minds for the Kingdom of God.  We will not sit back in our own comfort, but join with God as he seeks this end for all people.

So therefore, we seek, with every fiber of our being, to raise up disciples and change the lives of people we meet through the love of God. We will not stop until we have a network of ministries throughout the West Valley bringing freedom and transformation by the love of Christ.  One day every person in the West Valley will know that we exist, and know our message. They will know that there is a place of belonging, a place of transformation, and a God who can make them more than they ever imagined they could be. Because we are the church of Jesus Christ, and through him we can transform lives!

Our Core Values

Radically Committed to the Uncommitted

We will always be focused on helping those who do not follow Jesus come to know him.

A Place to Belong

We will strive to be a place of welcome.

Everyone has a Next Step

We will work together to help each other take the next steps on our journeys of faith.

Saturate with Prayer

We will cover all things in prayer.

Not just meeting needs, but transforming lives

Our ministries will seek to not just meet a momentary social need or situation, but to bring the freedom of the gospel into a situation to provide lasting relief.

Worship with Passion

In all things we will bring our heartfelt worship before God.


Sunday Worship 10:30am

Sunday School 9:30am


​253 D St.

PO Box 957

Willamina, OR 97396

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